Lookin’ for Tenants in All the Wrong Places

The Destination It has been 18 months since we launched our pilot program for Tenant Rep Brokers and I’m thrilled to say that it has been an overwhelming success!  In fact, since we launched, others have tried to copy our model which is further validation of the market opportunity.  However, their captive audience isn’t necessarily … Continue reading

Broker Banter – Questions & Answers (The Portland Chapter)

We’re the first to admit we don’t always have all the answers when it comes to the fine details of leasing and all the questions that come with it. That’s when we turn to our commercial comrades to aid with the broadening of our knowledge base.  This week we’ve gone straight to the source to … Continue reading

A Successful Start-Up Story – Founder’s Instinct, Go Direct.

As I discussed on my last article, The #1 Mistake Many Start-Ups Make When Managing Growth-Remember the Garage?, I wanted to share with you an anecdote from a well established web company in Seattle, that will remain anonymous, let’s call them Dot.com. Looking Good, Billy Ray! Feeling Good, Louis! The year is 2010, and Dot.com … Continue reading

The #1 Mistake Many Start-Ups Make When Managing Growth-Remember the Garage?

In a galaxy far, far away… In the beginning, most start-ups follow a certain pattern: Inspiration leads to the “killer” idea Bootstrapping Sourcing Capital Recruiting an A-Team Product Development Building an Infrastructure Iteration Managing increasing Costs Growth There are many versions of the story but in my own career and listening to the anecdotes of … Continue reading

Is re-founder even a word?

I’m not a stickler for grammar, but I want to know if this at least makes sense.  A quick search for re-founder brought me to dictionary.com’s definition – “one who refounds” but “refound” has no definition.  Okay, not so helpful but then I stumbled upon linkedin and bingo, someone who has the title refounder, and … Continue reading