Movin On Up! (Part 1)

Big News! We’re moving offices! Yay! Streamers, confetti, balloons! Excitement, pride, growth – all good! Suddenly, those feelings were followed up by the pending loom of “ah nuts, moving means packing means boxes means design choices and so on and so on”… Just when we got comfortable and everything had a place. We needed to … Continue reading

A Successful Start-Up Story – Founder’s Instinct, Go Direct.

As I discussed on my last article, The #1 Mistake Many Start-Ups Make When Managing Growth-Remember the Garage?, I wanted to share with you an anecdote from a well established web company in Seattle, that will remain anonymous, let’s call them Looking Good, Billy Ray! Feeling Good, Louis! The year is 2010, and … Continue reading

PDX Small Space Success!

Shared Photo Studio

With our recent Beta Launch of, we would like to share a successful lease story. Timeline: Jan 31, 2012, space was fully leased. Feb 1, 2012, received a 30 day notice from her existing tenant. Feb 1, 2012, posted  her listing with Feb 2 to 13, 2012, received her leads & tour requests from … Continue reading