‘Little Showcase of Horrors’ – More Historic Portland

A few weeks ago we posted a blog post with a few of our favorite buildings in Portland. We thought it was fun so here are some more beautiful buildings that our photographers have taken shots of. New Market Theater Block   Built in 1872, this Old Town building’s name comes from the fact that … Continue reading

A Successful Start-Up Story – Founder’s Instinct, Go Direct.

As I discussed on my last article, The #1 Mistake Many Start-Ups Make When Managing Growth-Remember the Garage?, I wanted to share with you an anecdote from a well established web company in Seattle, that will remain anonymous, let’s call them Dot.com. Looking Good, Billy Ray! Feeling Good, Louis! The year is 2010, and Dot.com … Continue reading

Our First Portland OfficeSpace Showcase…Distinctly Portland!

Over the past few months, with the help of some wonderful photographers, we have been hard at work capturing the architecture and beauty of downtown Portland, the Pearl, the Central Eastside and many of the other Portland neighborhoods. Some of this could only be done with the cooperation of our friends in the Portland brokerage … Continue reading

The #1 Mistake Many Start-Ups Make When Managing Growth-Remember the Garage?

In a galaxy far, far away… In the beginning, most start-ups follow a certain pattern: Inspiration leads to the “killer” idea Bootstrapping Sourcing Capital Recruiting an A-Team Product Development Building an Infrastructure Iteration Managing increasing Costs Growth There are many versions of the story but in my own career and listening to the anecdotes of … Continue reading