#PCLoadLetter – A Little OfficeSpace Friday Fun

Every so often, the weekends seem to start earlier. Today our awesome neighbors from Contour took out a little frustration on the good old copier: Happy Friday! Thanks to Helluvastate for the music. http://www.officespace.com http://www.contour.com http://helluvastate.bandcamp.com/

#CRE a Little Spam Sandwich For Everyone?

Social Media is all you hear about these days and Commercial Real Estate is catching this wave. But I have to ask, why does it seem that the twitter #CRE is a regurgitation of other’s breaking news retweeted to insure that the headline has been reinforced subliminally?  Is anyone really responding to the new “hot” listing … Continue reading

PDX Small Space Success!

Shared Photo Studio

With our recent Beta Launch of OfficeSpace.com, we would like to share a successful lease story. Timeline: Jan 31, 2012, space was fully leased. Feb 1, 2012, received a 30 day notice from her existing tenant. Feb 1, 2012, posted  her listing with OfficeSpace.com. Feb 2 to 13, 2012, received her leads & tour requests from OfficeSpace.com. … Continue reading

Is Portland LEEDing the Sustainability Race?

We all hear about the ‘Greening’ of our office buildings across the country and Portland, Oregon, is certainly no exception. With more and more national press spotlighting Portland, Portlanders are justifiably proud of their majestic city. The General Automotive Building located at 411 NW Park Avenue, in the heart of the Pearl District in Portland is one of … Continue reading